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The UXCELL Affiliates Program


1.Join the UXCell Affiliates Program
2. What does offer your visitors?
3. What can you, as an Affiliate, offer your visitors?
4. Why is UXCell using Commission Junction?
5. What role does Commission Junction play?
6. How does it work?

1. Join the UXCell Affiliates Program

UXCell would like to offer you the opportunity to earn commission revenue, simply by referring your visitors to our site, and it's absolutely free. We guarantee you a commission on every successful new sale or purchase made from, or referred by, your website.

All you do is place a hyperlink in the form of a banner, text link, or icon on your website that links directly into ours.

You can exercise your creative skills by developing your own virtual storefront to act as a doorway page to our site. You can also create value adding product reviews or feature articles on UXCell and its fantastic ranges. You wont have to consider stock inventory or product updates - we do all that for you.

If you require further information regarding, please contact us at Click now and sign up to become a CJ Affiliate Partner.


2. What does offer your visitors? is selling products at a factory direct price to consumers. With our factory direct shopping platform, consumers are able to buy a product without paying the re-seller profit. Simply, that is "no more re-seller profit on consumer cost."

With a recent research, our products are all standing at a lowest price in market. More than two thousands MP3 player were sold out every 24hrs.

We are carrying a wide range of selection in media player and all electronics accessories. Furthermore, we offer low-shipping, 12 months warranty and a refund guarantee. Click here to visit


3. What can you, as an Affiliate, offer your visitors?

As an Affiliate, you can increase your site visitor numbers by providing this link as a value-added service. You can feature articles, new product advice and reviews, and articles outlining the UXCell shopping experience. These are just a few ways to keep your visitors interested and up-to-date making them ever more likely to return to your site for further info and advice.

Don't forget - the more visitors you refer to us, the more chances you have to make money!


4. Why is UXCell using Commission Junction?

Pay-for-performance, or pay-per-sale, is the major form of online advertising whereby a merchant pays on results rather than simply paying for exposure to a particular target audience. Web sites ("publishers") advertise products or services offered by other Web sites ("advertisers") in exchange for commission on sales.

CJ is a top positioned company in this field and acts as a trusted third party - managing the network, tracking and reporting on ads in real time, and handling all monthly commission payments to network members.


5. What role does Commission Junction play?

When any surfer clicks on the advertiser's link on a publisher's site, they are immediately connected to the advertiser's site via a redirection by the CJ system. To the surfer it appears as a direct link and at this point CJ sets a cookie with that surfer.

With 'Pay-Per-Sale' the surfer selects those products he/she wishes to purchase and completes the online ordering process. In doing this, the exit page contains a unique identification number that is automatically picked up by the CJ server where it is logged and the necessary sales information stored for future payment and reconciliation.


6. How does it work?

As a CJ member, you are eligible to apply to join any advertiser's programs and receive money for referring leads or sales to those sites. Advertisers can review and accept or refuse all applications to join their particular program. When you request to join any program, you will receive a notification telling you either that you have been accepted or that your application is being reviewed

Once your search has returned a suitable advertiser, you will see a sample banner and information about their program (more details are revealed by clicking on the banner).

The first thing you must do before you get links is Join the Program.

Once you are a member of the program, then you may Get Links. Links are served to you containing the proper ID codes for your Web site and the advertiser's commission structure. These codes are set in cookies, which are then used to track transactions.



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