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Red Flower Patter Laptop Notebook Cover Decal Sticker Paper
by Gonzalo Date Added: Tuesday 06 March, 2012
(Personal Computers) As others have said this is a great cable lock. I\'ll try not to rapeet what has already been said. SECURITY: This has flat keys but they are not simple keys; their groove pattern is sort of three-dimensional. I don\'t think you\'re going to get them duplicated at your local hardware store. Register them at the Kensington web site so you can get them replaced if you lose them. There are many stories and videos on the web showing how to easily defeat the cylindrical locks that are used on less expensive cable locks but none of that stuff will work here! CONVENIENCE: The cable comes with a clip attached to it that keeps the cable coiled neatly when not in use. It is well made and works great. See one of my uploaded images. Since the clip is permanently attached to the cable this remains a one piece solution with no little parts to get lost or separated from the cable lock. ( one piece except for the keys, of course) HOWTO: When I first tried to use this lock it took me a minute and some minor frustration to figure it out so I have uploaded an image and will give a little explanation here. I do notice that a fair number of other reviews also mention some confusion and frustration over the workings of the lock mechanism. I hope the following helps * Always hold the cylinder marked with the K lock symbol with one hand while turning the key with the other (see uploaded image). Because the cable attachment provides a more prominent hand-hold it is tempting to hold on to it while turning the key but the cable attachment spins freely and has no relation to the locking mechanism so holding it will not accomplish anything except by chance, leading to confusion. This may be the most important point. * The uploaded image shows the locking mechanism in the locked position. The key is turned fully counterclockwise. This is the only position in which the key can be inserted or removed. The lock\'s T-bar will NOT go into nor come out of the slot on the device being protected when in this position. * To insert the lock\'s T-bar into the slot you need to first turn the key as far as you can (180 degrees) clockwise. That puts the lock on the unlocked position and allows the T-bar to be inserted into the slot. In the unlocked position the T-bar lines up with the pair of pins forming an overall flat shape that will fit into the slot. * Once the lock\'s T-bar is in the slot turn the key as far as you can (180 degrees) counterclockwise. This puts the lock back into the locked position and allows you to remove the key. Be sure the T-bar is fully inserted into the slot before turning the key. If it is not, this is where you might damage the surface or any outer plastic layer of your laptop. * Take note of the orientation of the key with respect to the T-bar and the T-bar with respect to the pins when it is in both the locked and the unlocked positions. This will help you line things up when inserting the T-bar into the slot. This may be the second most important point. I\'m sure you could figure that out all by yourself but this will give you something to think about and the pictures something to look at while you wait for yours to be delivered!

Rating: 3 of 5 Stars! [3 of 5 Stars!]
Red Flower Patter Laptop Notebook Cover Decal Sticker Paper

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