<![CDATA[Discount price, wholesale Crystal Flexible Tube 24 Blue LED Car Auto Light Lamp from china factory directly]]> http://www.uxcell.com info@uxcell.com en> Sat, 07 May 2016 02:55:02 +0800 http://blogs.law.harvard.edu/tech/rss <![CDATA[Crystal Flexible Tube 24 Blue LED Car Auto Light Lamp]]> http://www.uxcell.com/crystal-flexible-tube-blue-led-car-auto-light-lamp-p-26608.html <img src="http://media.uxcell.com/uxcell/images/item/medium/ux_a08101500ux0018_ux_m.jpg" /><p>Description:</p> <ul> <li>This is a flexible strip of <b>Auto LED Lamp</b></li> <li>Made of 24 super bright LED.</li> <li>Color of the LED lamp: Blue.</li> <li>The<b> </b><b>Car Blue LED Light<b> </b></b>strip is slim and flexible and can be bent easily to fit the place you like without damage.</li> <li>Waterproof for both exterior and interior use.</li> <li>You can fix the&nbsp;<b>Car Crystal Tube Light</b><b> </b>on the car underbody or any other place you like.</li> <li>Make your car sharp!</li> <li>The <b>Flexible Tube Car Lamp </b>is also perfefct for decorating your car.</li> <li>Size: 24cm long approx. (the tube); 60cm long (cable)</li> <li>Weight: 44g.</li> </ul> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p><span style="color:#ff0000;">The item which is generic and suitable for all cars, we&#39;ve just added few hundreds models in the description as displaying reason, please kindly contact us if you have any questions, thanks.</span></p>