<![CDATA[Discount price, wholesale Cute Rabbit Bathroom Bath Liquid Extruding Holder Suction Stick Bracket from china factory directly]]> http://www.uxcell.com info@uxcell.com en> Thu, 05 May 2016 22:23:17 +0800 http://blogs.law.harvard.edu/tech/rss <![CDATA[Cute Rabbit Bathroom Bath Liquid Extruding Holder Suction Stick Bracket]]> http://www.uxcell.com/cute-rabbit-bathroom-bath-liquid-extruding-holder-suction-stick-bracket-p-26414.html <img src="http://media.uxcell.com/uxcell/images/item/medium/ux_a08110400ux0028_ux_m.jpg" /><p>Description:</p><ul><li>Beautiful <strong>Cute Rabbit Bathroom Bath Liquid Extruding Holder Suction Stick Bracket</strong></li><li>This <strong>Liquid Extruding Holder </strong>features a cute rabbit.</li><li>Easy to install and let your life more convenient.</li><li>A accessory adhesive tape included, you can first press it on wall steadily and then install the holder.</li><li>Three suction cups make it more useful.</li><li>Made of high quality material.</li><li>Color: White</li><li>Weight: 74g</li><li>Size: 11.5 x 9cm</li><li>Liquid hole size: 3.1cm in diameter</li></ul><p>Package:</p><ul><li>1 x liquid Extruding Holder</li></ul><p>Derection:</p><ul><li>1. Clean up the dust and water of wall before fixing the <strong>Bath liquid Extruding Holder</strong>, dry up the holding surface.</li><li>2. Screw loose the alike screw cap of this <strong>Cute liquid Extruding Holder</strong>, press the rabbit so as to get rid of the air from its center and in proper position by turning the suction cup.</li><li>3. Separate the press-liquid bottle body from press-liquid cap, then insert them separately into the hole of press-liquid frame.</li><li>4. Screw tight the press-liquid bottle body with press-liquid cap, and it could be used as you want.</li></ul><p>&nbsp;</p>