<![CDATA[Discount price, wholesale Biometric Fingerprint Security 1GB Black USB Flash Memory Driver Disk from china factory directly]]> http://www.uxcell.com info@uxcell.com en> Thu, 26 Nov 2015 04:22:10 +0800 http://blogs.law.harvard.edu/tech/rss <![CDATA[Biometric Fingerprint Security 1GB Black USB Flash Memory Driver Disk]]> http://www.uxcell.com/biometric-fingerprint-security-1gb-black-usb-flash-memory-driver-disk-p-16109.html <img src="http://media.uxcell.com/uxcell/images/item/medium/ux_a08032800ux0048_ux_m.jpg" /><p>Description:</p><ul><li>How to avoid recent 'trend' in losing the personal data of a large chunk ?</li><li><b>USB Flash Memory Driver</b> is a perfect integration of movable memory and biometric identification technology.</li><li>As the fingerprint of human being features its exclusiveness and doesn't need to be remembered, the user of the device can replace the passwords with his own fingerprint and, with incorporation of authentication and encryption technology, the data in the Disk or in the computer can be safely protected.</li><li>Up to now, the flash disk has become the device that must be configured.</li><li>With the continuous capacity increase of a single granule of the flash memory chip, the flash disk has been developed to be a device playing more important role for data saving and backup from the early-stage when it was only a substitute of floppy. Thus the security of the data saved in the flash disk is increasingly concerned!</li><li>This product, integrating the new-generation slide-type fingerprint reader and world top-class algorithm for fingerprint identification and incorporating the high-strength AES-256 encryption algorithm, can slit a fingerprint encrypted partition in the flash disk that is used to save the private data of the user.</li><li>In addition, you can use the <b>USB Flash Memory</b> to encrypt the data files in your computer.</li><li>Eliminating the inconvenience of memorization and inputting the long passwords, the privately used Disk can bring you both facility and security.</li></ul><p>Specifications and Functions:</p><ul><li>Built-in slide-type fingerprint identifying sensor</li><li>Memory capacity: <b>1GB USB Flash Memory Disk</b></li><li>File encryption: The user can utilize the fingerprint identification to protect the data saved in the computer</li><li>Fingerprint encrypted partition: In the BioFlash disk, the user can separate the desired space to create a virtual partition, which can be encrypted through AES-256 data stream encryption technology and only be visited after the fingerprint is authenticated.</li><li>Fingerprint sliding times to be born: &gt;1 million times</li><li>Standby working current: &lt;1.5mA</li><li>Resolution: 500dpi</li><li>Finger verifying time: &lt;0.1s; image acquisition speed: 488fps</li><li>FAR: &lt;0.0001%; FRR: &lt;0.1%</li><li><b>USB Memory Flash</b> supported operating system: Win2000/XP</li><li>Working temperature: -25&deg;C&mdash;85&deg;C; humidity: 30%&mdash;90%@25&deg;C</li><li>Maximum quantity of registered fingerprints: 10 for each user</li><li><b>Black USB Flash Memory Disk</b> supported languages: simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, English; German, French, Italian, Spanish, Korean, Japanese, Swedish, Portuguese, etc.</li><li>Fingerprint Flash Memory supporting USB1.1 and USB2.0</li><li>Sise: 7.2 x 2.5 x 0.8cm</li><li>Weight: 19g</li></ul><p>Packege in a durable box. comes with CD.</p><ul><li>System Requirements</li><li>Supported operating systems:</li><li>Windows 2000</li><li>Windows XP home edition</li><li>Windows XP professional</li></ul><p><br />Requirements on hardware</p><ul><li>Pentium III processor or higher version</li><li>At least one USB 1.1 or 2.0 port</li></ul>